ibis Snuggling Bunnies X

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When he saw a bunch of roses yesterday


When he saw a bunch of roses yesterday

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me at a straight boy’s house 

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I have long said that in order for any comedy to truly succeed as a story, there has to be meat beneath the jokes. There has to be that moment when it is not funny any more.

This. This is that moment.

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A Surprise Pride and Prejudice Engagement

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See? This is a tailor-made proposal. Not some “big screen of basketball game nonsense. This person took into account his girlfriend’s pastimes and favourite things in the world, knew how close to the family she was and engineered the perfect engagement proposal, without a doubt managing to make sure this would please her (surely her mother and sisters would know).

This is how you do big gestures.

This is the most beautiful thing ever. I’m crying.

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